CVCF 2012 Summer Retreat:

On Our Knees (never.stop.praying)


The 2012 CVCF Summer Retreat for this year is all set. We will be at Rhodes Grove again this year. If you have been with us before but have not attended for the past two years . . . you will really enjoy this location and facility.

Our theme this year is 'On Our Knees' and our focus will be on prayer.

We are excited to have Pastor David Tauler as our guest speaker for this year's retreat:

David Tauler was born in Washington DC and graduated from the University of Maryland on a music scholarship.  His father is Chilean and his mother is a blue-blooded American.  He speaks English, Spanish and learned Korean as a 17-year old when he began serving as a youth minister in a Korean church.  By day he teaches music to kindergarteners through 12th graders at Montrose Christian School in Rockville MD.

When he was fifteen, his life radically changed for the better having made a decision to no longer live with himself in charge but with Jesus in charge.  In his own words: "I am a work in progress and I hope to always be teachable, open to criticism."

David serves as the youth minister of his church (Antioch Korean Baptist Church) and he also often teaches at the Korean Campus Ministry (KCM) services at the University of Maryland at College Park (which he attended during his college years).

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The 'Audience of One' worship band will be with us once again and will have some powerful new worship music to share with us.

Mark your calendars, invite your friends, pack your bags and start praying that God will bring MANY of us together once again and that HE will do mighty things in us and through us for HIS glory and HIS renown.

Please pray for the leadership team as we begin to prepare for the retreat. Some of our prayer requests are: fundraising, theme song, other new worship music, workshop ideas, game ideas and of course nice weather and new faces in attendance at the retreat.

The retreat fee for 2011 was $150 and are hope is that that will remain the same…but we will also need your help in that area…so please consider how you might partner with us to start fundraising this fall. The fee also somewhat depends on if the retreat center has to raise their fees for 2012…but if we can do more fundraising ahead of time…it will not have an affect on our fees. Many churches also hold their own fundraisers to cover part of the costs for their own attendees as well.

The retreat fee will be $150 which includes all materials, food, lodging and of course . . . an awesome t-shirt!

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God Bless You! See you all soon! In HIS Name and for HIS Fame!


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Saturday, February 24th, 6:52pm